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Our Story


Athens Flair an architectural neoclassical masterpiece located in the heart of Athens, as it holds the essence of an old-world classical beauty in a city that celebrates its rich past in every single step. Its history only serves to enhance its character. The construction of the original building dates back to 1880-1889 and was designed by the Danish architect Theophil Edvard Freiherr von Hansen. In 1985 the building was classified as a work of art from the Greek Ministry of Civilization, thanks to its architectural merit and prominent location. Situated at the corner of Delfon and Didotou streets in Kolonaki area, it offers a prime example of architecture of the neoclassical era and is a listed building under Law 1469/50 that needs special state protection. In the neoclassical form of the building, there is an obvious influence from the Greek Doric Order, which was the first style of Classical Architecture in Ancient Greece.



Where rich history meets modern luxury with panoramic views over Athens, Athens Flair is a meeting point of the old and the new.
This beautiful neoclassical building was renovated by the architect Dimitris Sagonas and his executive team. Paying homage to its storied past, they created a luxury residence in Athens that intervenes history with a contemporary edge and modern décor, honoring the beauty of its architectural design.
It is a majestic and modern building – a true architectural jewel for the city of Athens. Harmoniously blending the past with the present, it combines elements of minimal design with contemporary aesthetics and the original elements of the building that have been conserved, such as the gorgeous marble staircase, delicate ceiling embellishments, the floors and walls in some of the interior spaces.
Guests will be fascinated by the simplicity and symmetry of the design of the interior areas. The property has been transformed into 6 luxury rooms & suites and a roof garden with magnificent views. While original aspects remain, the amenities are modern and luxurious for guests to indulge.

It is important to highlight the fact that this neoclassical mansion on Delphon and Didotou streets used to be the private residence of one of Greece’s most renowned actresses, Ellie Lambeti, who moved there during the German occupation in the 1940s. In her honor, the little square beneath the residence bears an elegant statue of hers.


The brand of Athens Flair has been created to convey this old-world glamour of the building’s history. The inspiration came from art elements, past stories & design movements. The name, Athens Flair, was influenced by the renowned, short-lived, Flair Magazine that Fleur Cowles created and published in the 50’s. The visual identity has many Art Deco elements and a feminine figure that implies Athens (Atheena) and also, the actress Ellie Lambeti that lived at this residence, with her husband, American Frederic Wakeman. The legendary life of a great Greek actress of theater is connected with Athens Flair, where Ellie had spent some years of her life- hosting at this residence significant social events with personalities from the arts.

The most impressive thing about the property is the building itself. It was constructed around 1880-1889 and designed by the Danish architect Theophil Hansen. Hansen has become well known for his buildings in Vienna and Athens. Specifically, during his stay in Athens he designed the so-called “Athenian Trilogy”: the National Library of Greece, the Academy of Greece and the National University of Greece. Also, the building was classified as a work of art from the Greek Ministry of Civilization, for its architectural merit and prominent location.

This neoclassical building has been transformed into an exclusive, boutique all-suite hotel. During the renovation, unique furniture’s have come to light and are used as decorative details. All suites have this vintage touch, combined with modern decor. You will see old chairs that were crafted with leaves of gold, that were carefully restored and put back to the property.