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A luxury city hideaway close to almost everything, the Athens Flair is located at the corner of Delfon & Didotou street in the aristocratic quarter of Kolonaki. This neighbourhood is one of the most safe, vibrant and high-end neighbourhoods of central Athens. It is full of fine dining restaurants, luxury boutiques and classy bars dotted across its tiny streets and corners, while most of the building terraces in the area boast impressive views over the Acropolis and the city. To feel a deep connection to a city as alive as Athens is part of the Athens Flair experience and can be felt through every inch of the property.



Contemporary yet ancient, Athens embraces the future but takes good care of centuries of history that pulse through each building and street. So, you won’t have to walk long distances to be amazed by ancient monuments, magnificent churches, interesting museums or just a beautiful neoclassical building hidden within its crowded streets, as cultural treasures can be found everywhere.

Take a walk and discover the best spots to visit nearby Kolonaki area, such as Benaki museum, the stunning Museum of Cycladic Art, The Byzantine and Christian Museum, The Gennadius Library and many more.

From fine restaurants to the typical “tavernas”, the city of Athens offers a wide variety of flavors for you to try for the first time, that you will surely want to delightfully repeat. Lights, music, art and romance are easy to find on the city as well. Athens is a melting pot, so head out and experience its vibrant lifestyle.


Just a short stroll away from the Athens Flair, the city offers art and design lovers an inexhaustible source of inspiration and astonishment.  Athens Flair is of great historical significance, as it was designed by Danish architect Christian Hansen during his years in Athens in the mid-19 century. A walk-through central Athens uncovers some of the city’s most beautiful neoclassical buildings.
Hansen’s most famous works in the Greek capital are:

  • Zappeion Hall
  • The Athenian Triptych (Library, University and Academy or trilogy as they are also known) are regarded as the city’s most beautiful buildings, in part because of their linear position, extending over three blocks in central Athens.
  • National Observatory of Athens

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